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Removable Restorations

Fully Customized Dentures include Premium Denture teeth with a fully customized denture base. We study our dental photo library of natural, healthy, beautiful smiles to find a smile design that best suits your patient. We study the shape, texture and arrangement of the teeth. The soft tissue is sculpted to the shape of the underlying alveolar bone correcting any defects and creating harmony between the teeth and the patients natural smile. We then compare the high and low lights of the soft tissue to give a healthy, natural color effect to the denture base.

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Economy Dentures are made with great care and the same functional standards as all our dentures. You can prescribe an economy tooth mold or we can make a suggestion for your wax try-in to suit your patients need. The dentures are finished with heat cured Lucitone 199 and polished with a high-glossy, cleans-able finish.

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Traditional Dentures & Combination Cases
Our traditional dentures are made to bring confidence back to your patients smile and encourage a heathy lifestyle with stabilized occlusion and harmonious tooth molds. Every case will be approached with a lifetime treatment plan to collaborate with your future dental treatment or ongoing care. Please refer to our facebook page for case examples to help you establish a good vision for your case including techniques and procedures.

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