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Fixed Restorations

Crown & Bridge High-quality Porcelain Fused to Metal Ceramics has proven the test of time. The importance of individual characteristics and compromised occlusion still requires the need for magnificent metal ceramics.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Restorations • Full Cast Crowns and Bridges
3/4 Cast • Crowns • Inlays • Onlays • Crowns Under Existing • Partials
Maryland Bridges • Porcelain Shoulders


Pressable Ceramics Pressed-to-fit and layered for unsurpassable natural esthetics, pressable ceramics combine the beauty of art and science to create the smile your patients dream about.

Authentic Veneers • Authentic Pressed to Metal
IPS Empress-Eris • IPS Empress-Esthetic

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Hybrid Bridges Hybrid Bridges are made with special attention to detail. Every case starts with a complete diagnostic treatment plan to establish full collaboration between the patient-dentist-oral surgeon-lab team. Implant placement, implant platforms, frameworks, occlusion, and esthetics of the final prosthetic are discussed.

Hybrid Bridges